Looking for People


Whether your workplace needs help on a temporary or more permanent basis, we understand you are not just filling a vacancy.  You are searching for the most qualified candidates who will be an asset to your team.  You are looking for people with the skill set and competency to get the job done and be a complement to your existing corporate culture.

When you think about it, that is a tall order.  It becomes much more attainable when you have the power of an experienced employment service behind you.  Someone you can rely on to sift through the pool of applicants and bring you the best qualified candidates matched specifically to your job requirements.  Someone like WFA Staffing Group.

WFA attracts qualified candidates using a variety of recruiting tools including online resources, newspapers and trade publications.  One of WFA’s most important assets is our vast database of people we can tap into to find the best candidates.  Then, we assess their strengths and skill sets to match them to the right position.  We complete all reference checks, criminal background checks, drug screening, and department of transportation record checks.

We do all of this at a very competitive fee, ensuring you get your money’s worth and then some. Also, you will have flexibility in hiring temporary workers full-time after just 12 weeks. Our company is so confident in our placement of permanent positions, we offer a 30 day free trial.  In addition, we also have a unique 10% replacement fee guaranteed for up to one year.

Our Talent Sweet Spots

When you need just the right person to lead your team to the next level, you want to be sure your search casts a wide net.  WFA Staffing specializes in finding experienced executive and managerial professionals across all industries, and placing them in just the right positions.
We know the vast majority of jobs cannot be filled by just anyone. WFA Staffing will work with you to find highly-qualified candidates who possess the specific technical experience, know-how and skill sets required for your exact position.
WFA Staffing has the experience and know-how to find dependable, skilled light industrial employees and place them in a variety of positions, whatever your workplace requires.

WFA Staffing understands the importance of attracting the best talent to represent your business. Talent that have all the right skills to support it.
Please have a WFA Staffing representative contact me about finding talent.