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A Bad Time to Search?

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A Bad Time to Search?

We are in the holiday season and there is a significant concern on the parts of many as to whether a search for qualified candidates is worthwhile or not during this season.  We believe that this can be one of the very best times for searching out the ideal candidate.

We humans tend to become more focused on ourselves and our families during this time of year.  We are reflective; we think about the good and the not-so-good things that have been part of our lives in the year that is coming to a close.

That thought process coupled with an aggressive search mounted by WFA Staffing can hit at precisely the right time in the lives of the candidate and his or her family.  It is not unusual for the remaining vacation time to be used during this period and that makes out-of-town searches all the more possible.  Bonuses that might have served to tie people down even if they were unsatisfied in their positions will have been paid out thus eliminating another barrier to interviewing.

On top of that, we tend to think of things we’d like to change for the coming year as we move closer to year-end.  If we have no children in the home, this time is as good as any time for a ‘new beginning’.  Even with kids in school, this is a good time to have interviews and begin to make plans for later in the spring.  In some cases, employers may be willing to extend themselves to get the right person recognizing that he or she might need more time off given a family left behind until school is over.

All in all, we find this as good a time for interviews as any time in the course of a typical year.  We even find that the holiday spirit can have a solid effect on the results of interviews.  We are a bit more laid back and might be willing to spend more quality time in meaningful interviews as the year winds down.  We are more in tune with others and that can be nothing but good for the prospective employee and for the prospective employer.

Give WFA Staffing an order and let us find that perfect candidate no matter what time of year is upon us.  We’ll even put a bow around the whole experience!

Tom Krist

President – WFA Staffing

Tom Krist


That One Decision

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That One Decision

“Some of the worst decisions I’ve made in a business sense have been related to hiring and firing.”  That is something that almost any business owner or manager could say…and likely may have said a number of times.

That decision, almost without regard to the level of the position in a company, carries with it opportunity for success or failure…or a bit of each.  You may be saying that you’ve “been there and done that.”

A big part of what WFA Staffing does is centered on helping to find the right candidate, not simply one that can be placed.  That process includes getting a feel for the person and not just the person’s accomplishments.  We each develop a ‘sixth sense’ about people especially after we’ve interacted with thousands of them.  We might begin to get the ‘feeling’ that tells us this one is special or that one has something about them which we’re uncomfortable.

WFA Staffing’s people have had more than a normal business lifetime’s share of interviewing and seeing what makes some people perfect for a position while another is questionable.  Obviously this is more critical for some spots than for others, but a bad hiring decision carries with it the potential for bad outcomes that might easily affect other employees.

A workplace becomes a second home for employees.  Those we value learn quickly what the workplace ‘personality’ is and find the best way in which they can fit well to create additional value in the eyes of their associates and your customers.  Similarly, those we decide to release have the same ability to infect our associates and that can translate quickly to a feeling that our customers also perceive.

I have anguished over those situations where I have come to understand that I made a mistake.  It isn’t easy to terminate anyone.  That decision is affecting that person and their ability to find another position.  At the same time, we owe it to our other team members and to our customers to make those decisions and to take action as necessary.

That is among the many reasons that WFA Staffing makes sense whenever a position needs to be filled.  WFA Staffing brings that second and third look, that sense for candidates, to simply increase the likelihood of a good hiring decision that ideally will help avoid the need for a firing decision.

Tom Krist – President

WFA Staffing Group

Tom Krist