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Good News/Bad News

goodGreat news!  The economy continues to improve and unemployment has gone down to 5.6%!  That ‘great news’ also brings a potential downside where WFA Staffing can help.    Unemployment standing at 5.6% means much of the formerly available talent is likely already employed.  That can limit the number of people you might be able to interest in your direct ‘help wanted’ advertisements, and that hits you at the very time your business is picking up and your need for new people is critical.

We can help with this ‘good news can be bad news’ situation.  We understand the needs of employers and have worked on delivering qualified talent for many years.  Those years have seen high unemployment as well as low unemployment.  Interestingly, we find that our business, the business of recruiting talent, isn’t necessarily adversely affected by these swings.

The growing economy helps to create an awareness in many of the already employed that there might be a more desirable position available given business expansion, and that helps us recruit some talented and experienced people that otherwise wouldn’t be in the marketplace.

The growing economy also helps by getting currently unemployed or under-employed people thinking that they might be able to find a better job even though they might’ve given up on that during the past year or two.  We find some very good people in this group who have simply become demoralized and given up searching.  They often blossom very quickly into some of the best people an employer could ask for.

We have ‘staffing’ in our name for a reason.  Give us a call.  We can help make ‘great news’ even better!


Tom Krist, President

Tom Krist

WFA honored with Fastest Growing Firm Award from The Milwaukee Business Journal


On behalf of WFA, all our employees, and partners, we would like to thank the Milwaukee Business Journal and sponsors for being recognized as one of Milwaukee’s Fastest Growing firms. Among more than 70 nominations WFA was part of the top 30 awarded. On Friday August 14th 2013 WFA, along with 29 other outstanding Milwaukee area companies, Tom Krist, WFA Staffing Group President, was awarded the trophy at the luncheon at the classic Pfister Hotel downtown. You can find more out about the companies that were awarded at this link: Business Journal Names Fastest Growing

Biz Journal Awards Fastest Growing - 08-19-13



WFA was recognized as one the fastest growing firms in Milwaukee by growing 57% over the last 2 years. WFA was proud to be in the company of such fantastic Milwaukee area business and fellow nominees, including ten with a growth rate over 100%!


Biz Journal Fastest Growing Trophy - small size

WFA plans on continued growth by sticking with the current formula of hiring industry veterans or possibly an acquisition of another company. While we continue to increase and keep up with all of the new technology and social media, we will not depart with the “face time” needed to foster and develop business relationships. WFA also foresees business opportunities to help our clients as they work through challenges with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. WFA would like to congratulate all firms awarded and is looking forward to forming new partnerships with all the admirable businesses that attended.


Biz Journal Fastest Growing - Group Stage - 08-19-13