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Opportunity is something we often seek and sometimes miss even though it might’ve bitten us on the nose if it wished, because we were so close to finding it.  Napoleon Hill, a famous writer and philosopher defined it like this:

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

How many times might we have been close to an opportunity but lost out when we failed to take that next step that would’ve led us to the goal line’?  It is easy to become discouraged, and those temporary defeats can become permanent defeats if we but permit them to do so.

Each of us, if we’re being honest with ourselves, has missed out on opportunities simply because we didn’t take that next step.

Instead, we succumbed to the feeling that we were on the wrong road, or pursuing the wrong position, or simply were not right for that job that we were offered.

Or, we might’ve seen the opportunity and been overwhelmed by it, by the magnitude of what it might represent to us.  We might’ve questioned whether or not we had what it would take to seize upon that opportunity.  Maybe we were simply scared that we might fail and that we’d be embarrassed to have to admit that to our loved ones, or to our manager or simply to ourselves.

We are each wired a bit differently and that is a very good thing.  Too many of me would not be good for anyone or for any company.  One of me doing his or her very best, however, might just be that final piece that was necessary to our employer’s success, and the success that extra effort brought might be wonderful for us since it was through our effort the opportunity was seized.

We began this with the definition supplied to us by Napoleon Hill.  He reminded us that opportunities can seem like temporary defeats or some form of misfortune we have caused, when we simply need to take a deep breath and persevere.

The next step or the next call or the next interview may well prove to have been the solution that opened the door to that opportunity that was eluding us.

So what does Napoleon Hill know about my business or my job?  Nothing.  What Napoleon Hill knew about was each of us and how we sometimes fail to take that last step, make that last call, set up that last appointment which was the key to opening the door to that opportunity that we’d have otherwise missed.

Al Campbell




Problems Create Opportunities

Problems - Running

Problems Create Opportunities

How many times have you wondered why your company seems to need more problem-solving than other companies with which you are familiar? Those other companies’ leaders may be having the same questions running through their minds too.

BUT… what if your conflicts disappeared? What would you do to improve if you were rid of problems? The chances are that we all might get a bit complacent without a problem now and then that needed resolution.

If we had the time, or made the time, to look back over the issues that have arisen over the past few months, we might well see that those very occurrences, those problems we dislike, were responsible for changes that made the company better.

The various issues that pop up force us to think about what caused them, what we might do to be sure they don’t recur, and what we can do to create an even better company as the result of the exercise we’ve been forced to go through.

In reality, the very problems we dislike are the catalyst for improvement that we might not have considered without the problem.  The ‘good news’ is this: we’ll probably continue to have those opportunities to improve our businesses since it is highly unlikely that we will cease having problems.

The next time a crisis hits your desk, step back and think about how fortunate you are to have this opportunity to make your company better.  Positive attitudes, even about our problems, are good things to cultivate.  If you can create that same mentality in your employees, you’ll have made a big improvement in your company.


Tom Krist – President

Tom Krist