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smileWant to have a better today…SMILE!

 There is evidence that when we smile, even if we aren’t feeling it at that moment, we begin to feel better.

We can actually make ourselves feel better by smiling at others.  Now, wasn’t that easy?  When I receive a smile, I tend to automatically to return it.  If I am not ‘up to sorts’, I try to wear a smile and find that I work my way out of my funk and probably am helping others get out of their funk, too.

We don’t need to be goofy about it all.  A simple grin at another person will help you and the other person.  You might well find that you form a new habit.  You might also find that you develop a new friend or a deeper friendship.

We likemichael-phelps-happymichael-phelps-face-450 being around people who are happy.

We automatically work to stay out of the way of that guy or gal who is not happy almost as though we don’t want to catch whatever it is they’re having a problem getting beyond.

Be brutally honest with yourself and try to recall the last time you were in a funk.  Were people tending to stay away from you?  Did you continue to feed on your funk?  Did you ever get out of that funk all day, or did you take it home with you, too?

If you are seeking a new job, smile when you encounter anyone at the possible new place of employment, and continue to convey this positivity at all you encounter.  No one there wants to hire a sourpuss.  They probably already have their quota of bored, dreary,  or even scowling faces.

You don’t need to be happy-office-workeroverboard.

Just a simple show of your dimples, if you have those, is all it takes.  If you are about to interview with a person who has yet to find his or joy today, don’t go overboard but just smile a sincere smile as you introduce yourself.  You will almost be able to feel the atmosphere in the room changing for the better.

Another thing is very interesting, too.  When you are talking with a smile on your face that comes through even if you’re not in the same room with the person to whom you’re talking.  Your voice can convey the happiness on your face, just as it can convey the frown if that is pasted there.

If you are already a smiler, keep it up.

I have literally had people comment on my smile or lack of smile. If you smile once in a while, try to increase the frequency.   At the least, keep a happy thought in mind and that will begin to help you smile more often and you may find the people around are in a better mood too!

Tom Krist



Tom Krist, CEO

I lost one of my best friends this past year, who I truly miss.  He was a dear friend and a great mentor to me.  He helped me to get started in this business.  One of the things I remember most about my friend Jim is his wonderful, infectious, and memorable smile.  He could light up a room with that smile and he had the ability to smile in both good times and bad. This posting is in honor of Jim’s legacy.

Attitude is Everything

Attitude Blog Pic 12-23-2013

There is a somewhat worn-out phrase but I find it to be among the most important thoughts I can imagine.  That phrase is simply:

Attitude Is Everything

Yes, attitude is everything.  This truth is proven again and again, and yet there are many for whom this is never given a thought.  If you stop to analyze yourself and include your successes as well as your failures, you are likely to find, if you are brutally honest with yourself, that your attitude in each situation had a good deal to do with the outcome.

I have long liked another phrase that says, “Smile and make people wonder what you’re up to”.  That is a bit off track however if you stop to think about it, it makes sense.  If you have a smile on your face, people seem naturally to wonder what you have to smile about.  Smiles are infectious, and every place of employment, except possibly for funeral homes, needs smiles amongst its staff.

Look back at school and to places you have worked.  Think about the various personalities you’ve experienced.  Think about those people who always seemed to have a great attitude.  Did you enjoy being around those people more than being around someone who always seemed to be ‘down in the dumps’.  None of us like to be drug down by someone moping around with a long face.  It is just human nature to want to be around people who have positive attitudes and who smile a great deal more than they frown.

Now, imagine how positive attitudes and genuine smiles come across to prospective employers?  Or to prospective clients?  Or to that special person you’d like to get to know better?

Attitude really is everything.  Simply by adopting and maintaining a good attitude, you have the ability to change your circumstances.  We, at WFA Staffing, will make every effort to get you into a good place as quickly as is possible.  We know that your attitude is going to make us and you look great in the eyes of that employer to whom we’ve introduced you.

You are, however, the only person who can make this true about you.  You have to be the one to smile and the one who exudes a good attitude, and you have to be genuine while doing so.  You can’t fake a good attitude just as a phony smile shows right away.  You may need to practice that attitude thing but it will be an investment of time that will pay big dividends.

You may not display that new and improved attitude all the time, but you will find that what you wear on your face has a lot to do about how you’re feeling.  You will find that you are the only person who can control your destiny and that control includes a willing smile and a good attitude.

Tom Krist – President

Tom Krist