A New Year Is Right Around The Corner…

As this year rapidly draws to a close, it brings all kinds of thoughts to bare. For some, this has been a good year and for others a not-so-good year. We at WFA Staffing have had a very successful year and we want to thank all of our clients and employees for helping make this possible. We hope all of you have enjoyed this success along with us.

2023 is approaching just as rapidly. The new challenges and opportunities of the new year are coming together daily.  This is an exciting time for some and a soul-searching time for others.  No matter where you are now, the new year is going to unfold itself very soon.


Many people seek a new beginning while many companies seek new employees to fill empty spots or to help with the rush of new orders expected in 2023.

We are ready and able on both accounts.

As always, the future has grown exponentially uncertain, even at WFA Staffing. In your year-end meetings, start thinking about what your needs are going to be for the next year and beyond. We not only can help you find those people, but assist with our knowledge about pay rates, benefits, vacation, or anything else that is involved with the hiring process. We can also make suggestions on how to keep the current people you have. Some companies have missed out on retaining current people, but do not understand what the competition is offering.

We offer and are happy to provide this information to our current clients and welcome any new clients that are looking for feedback.

If you’ve had a great business year or have decided to search for a new position in 2023, this is the time to get that search going. For those companies seeking talent, we are ready to assist in those efforts. For those that are searching for a new career, we have opportunities on hand today and we’ll be getting new positions ordered day by day as we get closer to the New Year.  This is classically one of our heaviest times of the entire year, so we are geared up for it.


The best advice we can offer is simple: no matter if you’re seeking a new employee or seeking a new position with a new employer, give us a call, this is a great time to get that rolling forward.  In fact, the sooner the better is a great slogan to remember.

We are in the business of connecting the right jobs with the right people and vice versa. That is all we do every day.  Our staff is busy, but we can always make room for you and for your needs.

We are at your service!

We’re looking forward to 2023 as we wrap up a great 2022!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  If we can help you with that, we are even happier.


Happy Holidays!


Tom Krist

Tom Krist, CEO