Do the Right Thing.

Mission Statement

We know it sounds simple, but over the years, we’ve found that it works. At WFA Staffing, we pride ourselves not only by the quality of our placements and career opportunities but our commitment to serving our clients. Established in 1991, WFA Staffing is an independent, locally owned agency that knows the community. We specialize in staffing and executive placement services for Southeastern Wisconsin by providing entry-level through executive placement.

Our Unique Guarantee

Success is about people, and the right fit for both employer and employee. That’s why we offer a Unique Guarantee with our Permanent Placement Professionals.

The Connectors:

Staffing companies bridge the employment divide

Like two ships passing in the night, Milwaukee-area employers and the region's pool of job seekers often struggle to intersect on the same course, according to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Many area employers say they can’t find enough qualified job candidates, while at the same time, some area residents are unable to get a job.

The city is trying to find “any vehicle” it can to bridge the gap between the employer community and the employee community, Barrett said, noting initiatives such as the city’s Compete Milwaukee transitional jobs program and the Mayor’s Manufacturing Partnership.

“We have to find that bridge between the ‘ships,’ and so I’ll work with anyone who will provide the transportation over that bridge so that we can bring the workers and the employers together,” Barrett said.

Tom Krist WFA CEO 2013 Crop

Tom Krist

Fred Damato WFA President 2013 Crop

Fred D’Amato

Todd Strehlow WFA CFO 2013crop

Todd Strehlow

Roberta Murphy WFA VP

Roberta Murphy

Vice President
Joe DAmato WFA Branch Mgr

Joe D’Amato

Branch Manager - West Allis
Kristin Tetzke WFA Staff

Kristin Tetzke

Operations Manager
Jeff Ulicki WFA Staff

Jeffery Ulicki

Senior Account Executive
Megan DeGeorge WFA Staff 2013

Megan DeGeorge

Account Executive
Lynn Sewart WFA Staffing Crop 18

Lynn Sewart

Account Executive
James Hurwitz 1 WFA Acct Exec 2019 Burned

James Hurwitz

Account Executive
Joshua Prunuske 4 WFA Acct Exec 2019 Burned

Joshua Prunuske

Account Executive
Maxine Geller WFA Staff 2013

Maxine Geller

Senior Recruiter
Kelly Fishnick WFA Staffing Crop 18

Kelly Fishnick

Senior Recruiter
JoAnn Tomson WFA Staffing Crop 18

JoAnn Tomson

Jose Gonzalez WFA Staffing 18

Jose Gonzalez

Bi-Lingual Career Consultant West Allis
Paula Gibson WFA Staff

Paula Gibson

HR/Benefits SHRM
Susan Backes 4 Asst Ctrller 4 2019 Burned

Susan Backes

Asst Controller
Annie Hernandez WFA Staff

Annie Hernandez

Payroll Manager
Jennifer Kerr WFA Staffing Crop 18

Jennifer Kerr

Accounting Manager
Lisa Ortiz WFA Staff 2013

Lisa Ortiz

Project Coordinator
Anne Sims 18 WFA Staffing Crop

Anne Sims

Project Coordinator
Latee Pratt WFA Staffing 18

La'tee Pratt

Receptionist- North
Jenny Manske WFA Staffing Crop 18

Jenny Manske

Receptionist/ Admin West Allis
Beth Nadolski WFA Staffing 18

Beth Nadolski

Project Specialist
Marissa West WFA Intern Sept 2018 Burned

Marissa West

Alan Campbell

Al Campbell



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