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There is something that we seldom miss.  Whenever we walk into a workplace, retail or service or whatever, we are immediately aware of attitudeSimilarly, when we make a call and the telephone is answered, we are immediately aware of attitudeWhenever we answer our telephone, we are immediately aware of attitude.

We have choices so far as our attitude.

We can choose to be down-in-the-dumps and show the attitude that feeling brings along with it.  We can choose to be happy with smiles for everyone and reap the rewards of their attitude improving almost instantly.

We are in control of our environment, and our attitude makes all the difference in that environment.  We can be amazed that the time went by so quickly or we can find time dragging.  Our attitude affects us as much or more than it does the other with whom we’re dealing.  Similarly, their improved attitude goes a long way toward making our visits with others enjoyable for them and our results therefore are more nearly what we had hoped they’d be…or even better than we’d hoped they’d be.

You and I have power that we may have never thought of using. Our smile combined with our positive attitude is magical.  We might be just what the doctor ordered for the person we’re talking with and, if they feel better, they’ll be more willing to hear us out.

Attitude means as much or more to those with whom we are interacting especially if they’ve had a so-so day, or just hung up the phone after a less-than-good phone call.  Imagine how they’re likely to feel after you’ve helped them improve their day, and imagine how they’ll look forward to the next time you call or stop in.


Fred D’Amato,  President

Fred D'Amato