Attitude Gains Altitude

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Your attitude will determine your altitude.

Our own Marquette University Law School conducted a poll recently asking what people thought about the economy going forward.  About one-third thought it would get worse than last year at this time.  That was the highest number since this poll began in 2012.

If we are thinking like pessimists, our pessimism will likely be confirmed.  If, on the other hand, we’re optimistic, that will likely be confirmed for us, as well.  In short, all too often how we think will determine our personal reality.

We determine our own view of almost everything by how we think and how we feel.  We all know that person for whom there simply is no end of doubt and worry.  And, we typically also know the person for whom there never seems a bad day.

As we grow older, and ideally wiser, we learn the truth of the matter:  we make our own success or our own lack of success.

It is almost entirely up to us and it centers on that word: ATTITUDE.  Our attitude, a

s an old saying goes, will determine our altitude.

That may seem an oversimplification but those who succeed in whatever they’ve chosen to do will have a good attitude about themselves, and about their work and their world in general.  And their attitude is probably what helped them succeed in the first place.  It wasn’t just that they got lucky.  They made their own luck.

Each of us makes our own ‘luck’ and that is based largely upon our attitudes.  If we are observant, we can see that all around us.  The other part of this ‘luck’ that we make for ourselves is that others like to associate with us because of our success as a person.  Would you choose to hang around with “Sour Sally” or with “Happy Hal”?

One will bring you down to his or her level and the other will raise you to their level.  The choice is up to each of us.

Get positive and stay positive especially when things get tough.


Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist