Time to get back to work

Lockdown End Andrii Yalanskyi Shutterstock

The end of Increased Unemployment Benefits; Time to get back to work. COVID has cancelled our plans, disrupted our sense of reality, forced schools to close, sickened our population, and commandeered so much of our time and energy. As we approach mid-summer 2021, we hope the worst is behind us. With the distribution of the…

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Most Interesting Times

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We are in interesting times as almost everyone in business of one kind or another has learned, either by leading or by following. What seemed to work well yesterday has become somewhat out-of-date. WFA Staffing has been in the middle of these changes given that we supply the people necessitated by much of the change. Not…

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New Jobs will soon be full!


New Jobs will soon be full. So did that heading get your attention?  It should.  In the blink of an eye most government subsidies from the pandemic will be gone. No more rent assistance, no more mortgage deferral and by September no more federal assistance with unemployment payments. Even more striking, by the end of…

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Celebrating 30 Years!

Biz Times 2021 WFA 30 Anniversary Article

Thirty years ago in 1991 WFA Staffing Group opened for business as a staffing agency focused on entry level through executive positions.   In 2005, Tom Krist and Fred D’Amato were joined by friend and relative, Todd Strehlow, CFO. They purchased the company and moved it to a larger office on Milwaukee’s northwest side.   This location still serves…

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Looking for Good People!

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We are all working our way through the Corona Virus onslaught and it has resulted in changes almost across the board.  All of us are aware of this strange time for our communities, and all of us are aware this is a difficult time for many. Our employer clients are still working and still need…

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Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy 2021

WFA Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy 2021 from our WFA Team… 2020 has been a very interesting year with a series of general business ups and downs including corona virus and all its spin-off issues.  It is the ability to grow through times such as these that we believe creates a solid team.  We look…

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The Ups and the Downs of 2020

The Ups and the Downs of 2020 Stop me if you have already heard this before… 2020 has been really challenging and frustrating. There have been so many ups and downs in addition to all the unknowns in between. We as a community continue to grow together and build ourselves back up. Within all this,…

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WFA Staffing is growing again!

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WFA Staffing is growing again! We at WFA Staffing are not blind to the ups and downs that exist for most all of us in business these days.  We have just opened our newest office at the NE corner of Pilgrim and Mequon Roads in Germantown.  We are ready to serve you there, as well…

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WFA opens Germantown Office- Now 3 Locations to Serve You!

Wfa Staffing Logo

WFA Staffing Group now offering 3 locations to serve our clients and candidates! WFA Staffing is excited to announce our expansion to a third office location in Germantown to better serve both our clients and candidates.  We are now officially open and accepting interviews at our new location at N112W15568 Mequon Road in Germantown as…

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