Challenging Times….

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We are in a very challenging times in this country.  Some companies are struggling to stay afloat while other companies are struggling to find the right people to support their rapid growth. All this is driven by the unusual situation in which we find ourselves and our clients.  Offices might be closed even though people…

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Real Heroes Don’t Wear Capes….

Anna Strehlow Superhero

Real heroes don’t wear capes…or maybe they do? Annamarie Strehlow is a former employee of WFA Staffing Group; she worked for us as an intern throughout her late high school and undergraduate years.  She is now in the ‘front line’ as a physical therapist at Froedtert Hospital, deployed to their ‘mobility team’ and we could…

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Weathering the Storm

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We are weathering the storm. Due to the COVID-19 virus, our country and much of our world finds itself in a situation that has not been seen for many years.  We have been in a period of business expansion coupled with peace in the bulk of our world.  We now seem to be taking a…

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WFA Staffing Coronavirus(COVID-19) response

We are dealing with the COVID-19 situation as best we’re able.  We know people still need employment and we know that employers still need people. Your health and safety is our highest priority. We have taken steps in our offices to provide safe areas for our candidates and staff when absolutely needed and are following…

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We Are Problem-Solvers…Experience Counts!

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We are problem solvers for employers as well as for potential employees and we’re darned good on both those fields of play. We’ve been at it for many years, and we bring a seasoned staff to bear in every situation, not just special situations. WFA Staffing is experienced and our staff is proven over and…

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Our Customer/Client Relationship

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We value our customer/client relationship… There are the oft-discussed ‘Mega’ deals that are touted to revolutionize this, that or the other and we get as excited about those as most everyone does since we all live and work in this area.  And there are the pretty much ‘everyday’ deals that we don’t always hear about…

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Happy New Year…

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 Happy New Year.. Yes, this is one of those new years that have a certain extra-something about them.  It is 2020 and our vision of this New Year is one of continuing successes for those we serve, both employers and those they employ, the people we locate and make available for interviews and hiring. Things…

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Gig Economy? What Is That?

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In a “gig economy”, temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring ‘independent contractors’ and ‘freelancers’ instead of full-time employees. These aren’t the temporary positions WFA Staffing and others have been filling for years.  A ‘gig economy’ undermines the traditional economy all of us are familiar with since we began working and hiring…

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Balancing Act

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My name is Todd Strehlow and I am one of the operating officers of WFA Staffing with two offices in the Greater Milwaukee area.  I am the CBO, as I call it.  That stands for the Chief Balance Officer which is also in keeping with one of my other passions, riding my bicycle…     seriously…

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We Need You….

Uncle Sam Need You

WE NEED YOU! My name is Roberta Murphy and I am the Vice President at WFA Staffing.  We have openings of almost every type and we need people who want to make a change for the better.  We know you are out there and we know we can help you find a better place to…

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