That is as valid a question as what good are checkers without a board? If you are in either situation, we can help solve your needs. WFA Staffing works both sides of this puzzle. We love being in the middle because we are able to do good things for both the employees and the employers…

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Coronavirus & Employment…..Mutually Exclusive?


We are still working our way through the Coronavirus onslaught that continues to challenge us across the board. We are all aware of this difficult time and how it is affecting many people and communities. Many businesses have closed their doors, but we expanded with a third office in the middle of Germantown. Not only…

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Happy Thanksgiving


We have worked our way through one of the most historical years in history. We are thankful for all the opportunities you have given us to be of service.  For example, we appreciate the simple gift of locating that next ‘perfect’ position for you. We take our role seriously because we recognize that we impact…

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Automated Job Placements


Automated Job Placements The magic solution to finding that next job or that new star employee seems to be on the horizon. Today, we have computer-based assistance in helping to find our next employment opportunity. In spite of that technology, we continue to do more business than ever before. We are helping to achieve making…

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