Automated Job Placements

Automated Job Placements

The magic solution to finding that next job or that new star employee seems to be on the horizon. Today, we have computer-based assistance in helping to find our next employment opportunity. In spite of that technology, we continue to do more business than ever before.


By:Nitchakul Sangpetcharakun

We are helping to achieve making more employers and more people happy they have found each other.

The key in this process is getting the right people in front of the right people. Yes, it is just that simple, but simple can get to be very complicated if you’re not doing ‘simple’ every working day all year long.

There is a difference between automation that is simply two-dimensional versus face-to-face interactions. Computer-assisted hiring is great, but that systematic approach without professional review can only be accomplished in an interview in person, one-on-one. That is where we come in.

WFA has been doing this for 30 years with an experienced team.

Our staff spends time with our clients and candidates, and not just technology. There is simply no substitute for experience in recruiting, creating relationships and making placements with our employers.

WFA Staffing is the bow that ties together the whole package. We are in the background doing the work of finding good candidates for hundreds of positions at any given time.  We are specialists at what we do.

We have three offices filled with qualified, hard-working staff members who have been there and done that more times than you can possibly count.


By Antonio Guillem

This is all we do every day we’re open for business, and we’ve been doing it for a long, long time. If you have not tried WFA Staffing, give us a chance at solving your people’s needs.

Whether you are seeking an employee or seeking an employer, we think you’ll be pleased with our people, our price, and your results.

We close the loop…day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month.

Give us a call! We can help and we love that.


Roberta Murphy, Vice President

Roberta Murphy WFA VP