Balancing Act

My name is Todd Strehlow and I am one of the operating officers of WFA Staffing with two offices in the Greater Milwaukee area.  I am the CBO, as I call it.  That stands for the Chief Balance Officer which is also in keeping with one of my other passions, riding my bicycle…     seriously riding my bicycle.

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Milada Vigerova PE8srY2bDOs UnsplashMy world involves numbers and being as certain as possible that those numbers will provide for a couple of very important things:   The numbers I refer to are what we spend to run our business and what we charge for the service we provide.  That is where the business “balancing” comes in.

In order to be successful in any business, there must be a balance between income and outgo or the business will fail.

It will fail because it isn’t generating enough profit to handle the expenses that the business incurs.

We have competition, a lot of competition, and we understand the business we’re in since we’ve been in this business for decades.  Longevity in any business means that there is a proper balance between revenue and expense.  It sounds so simple…and it is simple if you have the talent for that kind of thing.

We have a great group of repeat clients for whom we’ve performed numerous searches and conducted numerous interviews to locate the very best candidates from the group before we begin to expose those candidates to the prospective employer.

This all sounds simple, and it is simple if you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and the best way to provide satisfaction and great candidates to your employer customers.

Our business is an easy business to enter and that can lead to disappointment for the business owners and clients .  It is a difficult business in which to survive and thrive.  Those things are in my sweet spot and have been for more years than I wish to count.  I am part of the WFA Staffing team.  Each of our team members are important; without any of them, WFA Staffing would not be the company it is.

We have built up a client base and a relationship of trust between us and our customers.  This includes both the people needing people and people needing to find those people needing people.

We’re a good fit; give us a try if you’re not already a client.  If you are a client, test us again and again and we’ll deliver top talent at affordable fees.


Todd Strehlow

Todd Strehlow, CPA