Big or Small, We Help Them All…

We are often asked just how large or small our client companies can be, and to keep it simple we work with all sizes!

We do not prefer one to the other between large and small employers when we are approached for help in finding that ‘just right’ person for the position. We know our way around in this world of placement, and we ought to since we’ve been at it for over 30 years.

Our experience can be a real asset to HR Departments big or small. Our reach is broad, and our reputation is excellent. So, there’s a high chance we’ve filled shoes just like yours in the past. We are ideally located to assist any organization in the Metro Milwaukee Area as well as all of South Eastern Wisconsin, and we continue to grow. Size doesn’t matter to us, we will do the same high-level job for all of our clients needs. If you send us the order, we will send you our top candidates for the job.

We know what is needed and we understand what kind of talent and experience is required for success in each position we fill. We understand that timing is critical and we do not over-promise or under-deliver. Many of our clients have been with us for years. That only happens in this business when the placements we make are consistently completed on a timely basis and when the right person is provided.

You might say WFA Staffing is up front with both those seeking employment as well as with those seeking employees. There is no magic to all of this; it takes experience and time, but when we pair the best person for the position and the best position for the person, the job is done right.


Alan Campbell,


Alan Campbell