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Pencil On A Finger

Balancing Act

My name is Todd Strehlow and I am one of the operating officers of WFA Staffing with two offices in the Greater Milwaukee area.  I am the CBO, as I call it.  That stands for ...
Uncle Sam Need You

We Need You….

WE NEED YOU! My name is Roberta Murphy and I am the Vice President at WFA Staffing.  We have openings of almost every type and we need people who want to make a change for ...


How Do You Spell Magic? A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E There is something that we seldom miss.  Whenever we walk into a workplace, retail or service or whatever, we are immediately aware of attitude.  Similarly, when we make a call ...

A Word to the Wise

A word to the wise... Ebbs and flows in the employee/employer marketplace are nearly as predictable as the rise and fall of the tides. However,  we doubt seriously that the Moon has anything to do ...

Find Your Niche….

The small to mid-sized business market for us is our niche.  It exposes us to new clients, some of which we didn’t even know about until they sought us out.  We can look back over ...

We’re In This Together

We’re In This Together… Wisconsin’s unemployed hit the 2.9% level.  This suggests that we are close to or past the point where there are simply too few looking for positions.  That obviously makes our job ...
Job Interview

A Good Interview & A Not-So-Good Interview…There Is a Difference

A good interview & a not-so-good interview…there is a difference. You have worked diligently to secure an interview for a new job.  You have made sure your appearance is that of an employee who has ...
Types Of Attitudes

Attitude Gains Altitude

Your attitude will determine your altitude. Our own Marquette University Law School conducted a poll recently asking what people thought about the economy going forward.  About one-third thought it would get worse than last year ...
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Happy 2019!

Happy New Year! A new year has rolled around again and it brings both challenges and promises along with it.  If we are looking only for the less-than-good, that will be easy enough to find.  ...
Man Hand Writing It's All About Relationships With Black Marker On Visual Screen

Strong Relationships Mean Everything

Strong Relationships… We talk about strong relationships regularly. We believe that strong relationships are the life’s blood of our business. Relationships are formed over time and we understand that.  We have enduring relationships formed at ...
Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

They bit off more than they could chew.  This pejorative describes firms, companies, teams…you name it.  It means, simply, that whatever company is being referred to, tried to be too much to too many or ...
Mmac Cosbe Future50

A Salute to Milwaukee’s 2018 Future 50 Companies

Milwaukee BizTimes published its Future50 list of this year and WFA Staffing is pleased to work with members of that newest Future50 list given our own appearance as a member company of the 2015 Future50. ...

WFA Staffing Career Advisor

If you are not just looking for a job, but looking for the right job, WFA Staffing can help. We will work with you to assess your strengths, skill sets and personality, and match them with positions and employers that are the best fit for you.  Join our database and a WFA recruiter will contact you to set up an interview!

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