Challenging Times….

We are in a very challenging times in this country.  Some companies are struggling to stay afloat while other companies are struggling to find the right people to support their rapid growth.

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All this is driven by the unusual situation in which we find ourselves and our clients.  Offices might be closed even though people are trying to stay current by working from home.  Retail is slowly limping back, but the return to full capacity seems a distant goal.  Major names have gone out of business.  Some manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand while others are trying to survive until the pace picks up.  There is empty property scattered about.

Stimulus programs are pushed. Some are helping.  Some are still stumbling toward being fully operational and, thus are not necessarily ‘stimulating’ anything but the politicians seeking approval and votes in the next election.

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We at WFA Staffing have maintained a positive attitude throughout this roller-coaster ride.  We are here to help you in your ride in the strangest economy we’ve seen.  We recognize that the total recovery from this ‘coronavirus’ experience is going to take time.  In some cases the damage has already been done to the degree that re-opening a business here and there is unlikely.

Look at the retail names that ran into a wall in short order.  Some companies had taken precautions for just such an occurrence but maybe not to the degree necessary in this case.

As all this is going on, we are finding there are some solid ‘finds’ in the employee marketplace today as the result of this wild ride.  We are finding that people are placing a much higher value on stable employment than on the flash-in-the-pan opportunities that may return slowly.

We are open for business.  Even as things seem a bit strange in this current environment, we are seeing openings and we are finding very capable people who are available or seriously searching for their next opportunity.

If you need employees, give us a call.  If you seek a position, give us a call and we can start the ball rolling for you and your new position.


Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist