Changes in Attitude…

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Ross Findon on Unsplash

Many things can happen to drive changes in attitude.

Life just doesn’t seem fair all the time.  We go along just fine for a while and then something happens.  We lose our job, or we get sick, or we get hit by another car as we’re driving home.  All sorts of things can and sometimes do go wrong.

The thing that matters the most is not what happened to us.  The thing that matters the most is what we do about what happened to us.  We have choices.  We can roll over and moan and groan and whine about how unfair everything is.  You can lament that you always seem to get hit with something, if not literally then figuratively.

Maybe you missed out on that perfect job. Or perhaps your new vehicle has a crinkled fender or worse.  Maybe you’re sick and just don’t seem to be getting better as quickly as you’d like.  There always seems to be something that interferes with our life.

If this sounds like how your life has been going, there is good news.

The change you are seeking is there right now.  It is that thing we call attitude.

If our attitude is negative, everything will continue to go wrong for us.  If our attitude is positive we’ll get back on the track very soon and be better than ever.  And, as our attitude improves, those who are around us will be happier than they’ve been for a while, too.  When we are around a person who is down in the dumps, we get a little down in the dumps, too.

I think most of us know someone like the person for whom everything seems to go wrong.  We might even see that person each morning in our mirror.  If that someone is you and if that something happens to involve your job or lack of a job, we can help you.  That is what we do.  Of course, you are going to be the heavy lifter in this job hunt.

We can find possibilities and secure interviews for you.  But you are the heavy lifter that has to display a positive attitude and who smiles and who looks good in her or his clothes.  You are the one who is going to have to convince the person doing the interview that you are someone great to be around, that you have a sense of humor, a good work ethic and the energy to get the job done day-in and day-out.

Life gets a lot better when we get out of our funk.

Both for us as well as those around us.  You might be surprised at what a smile on your face can do to improve how you’re feeling.  Try it.  It works.  We’ll look forward to seeing your smiling face just as soon as you can get here; or just call us.  Smiles are also magic in that we’ll be able to tell you are smiling even on the phone.

We love helping people to be happy again.

Tom Krist

Tom Krist, CEO