Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

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They bit off more than they could chew.  This pejorative describes firms, companies, teams…you name it.  It means, simply, that whatever company is being referred to, tried to be too much to too many or that it spread itself over too much geographic area.

The company tried to do too much, and the company failed because of that effort.

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We, especially in the land of the Brewers ball club, have watched as this team maxed out its talent at the very time that was necessary and found its way into the play-offs.  We watched as the team met up against the best ball clubs in their league and saw the manager and the players further coalesce into a real post-season juggernaut.  This is written while there is still a festive spirit about town and about the Brewers.  You might read this later and wonder what the hoopla was all about.  We hope there’ll be a Pennant for this season, but it already has been a great season!

Our company is Milwaukee-based. 

We’ve been helping employers and employees throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois find each other for a long time.  We have watched competitors come and go.  It is sort of a trite phrase, but we actually welcome competitors because they help us keep our game-face on every day.  If we didn’t get more than our share of business, we might not be so crazy about having competitors, but they help us to help ourselves and that benefits our client companies and all those people that we work with over the course of weeks and months and years.

You and we and everyone in this part of the country are embarking on what promises to be a very exciting trip, whether or not we want to take that trip.  Just when we think we understand the magnitude of what is occurring, we find that it is even greater than we’d thought.

We’d all better buckle those proverbial chinstraps and hang on because our part of the world is growing rapidly.

As always, these booms bring good and not-so-good.  The booms require careful planning and even more careful execution.  Budgets will be stretched and receivables might lag as the result.  We stand at the ready to sit down and talk through your needs, make a plan that works for us all and get moving.

The old saying about ‘time being of the essence’ has never been truer.

Almost every week we see another announcement about an additional company opening in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Call us today and we’ll get together to work through the needs and the potential solutions.  This is real and it is big.

Fred D’Amato,  President

Fred D'Amato