Elections-Part of What Makes This a Great Country

We live in a great country, and we owe it to the country and ourselves to exercise our right to vote our conscience.

Those who do not cast their ballot for their choice, have no reason to complain about outcomes.  Those who do cast their ballots and find their candidate lost can be disappointed but rest assured that the majority got their way.

We take our freedoms for granted too often.

We seldom think about where these freedoms came from.  About the lives that were given to us that assured our right to vote would continue.



We reserve our constitutional right to complain about outcomes, BUT only if we exercised the right to vote and voted.

Our country is the beacon that shines for all the other countries on this planet.  That you and the rest of us live in this country is a blessing we ought to be thankful for each and every day.

True, we may disagree with the outcome of an election, but we had the right to vote our beliefs as to the right person for a particular job.

Be sure you vote, and be sure you call WFA Staffing if you need to fill a position or find a new position.



Tom Krist, CEO


Tom Krist