Exciting Management Changes at WFA Staffing

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity…”

Wfa Partners

Photo courtesy of the BizTimes Milwaukee

There truly is a time for everything and that includes the passing of the title of President from one person to another.  The time for that to happen is when it does not need to be done, when there is not some pressing situation or condition that mandates such action.  We determined that the time for this in our organization was now!

While we have achieved remarkable growth in the past ten years we felt it was time to strengthen our senior management team by adding a new President.  Our ideal candidate would have over 10 years of experience in the staffing business with proven results.  They must also be forward-thinking and a great manager of people who can keep our great culture while continuing our growth and excellent performance.  We could have looked outside for this person but fortunately, he sat in the next office.

I have been President of WFA Staffing and Fred D’Amato has served as Vice President for many years.  We have both been very active with our clients as well as in the community in general, and are both tied to WFA Staffing in the minds of all of our customers and many of our prospective customers.  Along with our CFO Todd Strehlow, we have participated in building WFA Staffing and in guiding it to where it is currently positioned.  We have a great staff and we all get along well with our team.

Fred D’Amato has officially been elected President of WFA Staffing and I have been elected to serve as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO if you prefer. Todd Strehlow will continue to guide our financial growth as our Chief Financial Officer.   I plan to continue my work here at WFA for a long time to come.

For our employees, nothing much will change since we’ll both continue doing what we’ve been doing with whatever modifications seem appropriate going into the future.

There may well be new opportunities for our staff members as we determine what WFA will look like going into the future.  There may be candidates for increasing responsibility in our midst just waiting for the opportunity to show their capabilities.  After all, Fred will be looking for HIS own ’Fred’ .

For our clients, nothing much will change either.  We each will handle the clients we’ve handled and Fred will become intimately familiar with the clients I have largely served in the past.  Our intent is to make this transition as seamless as possible.  I truly enjoy what I do as I have met many wonderful people through the years.  I look forward to enjoying my client relationships and growing our business here at WFA with Fred, Todd and the rest of our awesome staff for many years to come.

Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist