Experience VS Pay

Experience VS Pay

We find the following quotation to be a truism in our business for it is the experience gained that hones the skills that lead to a better income for virtually all of us:

In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. ~Harold Geneen

Our business is obviously that of finding the right people with the right skills and the right experience at the right price for the position we have been hired to fill by the employer-client.  That is anything but an easy job, especially if the person being recruited has a differing set of expectations than those we’re seeking in the ideal recruit.

Obviously we are between the proverbial rock and hard place if either the employer-client or the employee-candidate is not willing to accept the going price; that happens but it doesn’t happen as often as you might expect.

Among the reasons for that are the experience we have in this business.  We earned our experience the hard way; we worked at it, had the necessary disappointments along the way and got better and better at the business we chose to be involved with until we reached today.  We have many employer-clients with whom we’ve worked for years and we are thankful for those long-term relationships.

We are always interviewing new prospective placements and we are always anxious to interview, and be interviewed by, prospective new employer-clients.  If you are an employer in need of good people with the skill sets you require, we’d be proud to work for and with you.  We work in good faith rather than on retainer so we meet your needs or you bear no cost for our services.  We know that we need to perform well for you if we expect to have you as a repeat employer-client.  We recognize that if we do that repeatedly, your company might just be another of those employer-clients with whom we work regularly.  That would be good for us both, but we know that it is on us to earn that privilege.


Tom Krist – President

Tom Krist