is that annoying sound we hear when a sound system isn’t set up quite right.  It can send a shudder through your body.

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Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Feedback is also what we hear when someone critiques us.  It is not uncommon for people to pull themselves inside their shell and tune out the source, but that is not the way we ought to think of this attempt by others to be helpful.

Most all of us have received feedback that has hurt at the time but from which we learned.  We learned as youngsters to stay away from the hot stove burner but it might’ve taken a painful lesson to cement that reaction in our minds.  The feedback we received as we grew to adulthood was equally as valuable if not more so.  Our business tends to deal heavily in feedback.

We learned early on at WFA Staffing that we need to be very capable communicators since we are in the middle of a transaction between an employer and an employee-to-be.  In order to be good communicators, we need to be excellent listeners.  Communication is a two-way street.

If you are a candidate for a position, we hope that you understand that our questions are as much for your benefit as for us and our clients.  If you are right for the job, we will do our very best to see that you have the opportunity to get an interview.  If you are not right for the job, we will also do our very best to help you understand what we think is needed to make you a stand-out in the future.

So, while feedback can be something we’d rather not hear, it can prove to be very important to us in the future.  We all can benefit from feedback.  Without it, we cannot hope to improve.

Al Campbell, Account Manager