Find Your Niche….

The small to mid-sized business market for us is our niche.

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It exposes us to new clients, some of which we didn’t even know about until they sought us out.  We can look back over our history and ID the clients with whom we’ve worked for a long time, in many cases since they were a small employer.

I was visiting with a small business head the other day and she was lamenting over the tight hiring marketplace.   I mentioned that we, WFA Staffing, have done business with large and small employers and every size employer in between.  Too often, small employers think that companies such as ours only want to be involved with larger employers.

First, we love smaller employers because there is a segment of the employee population that is looking for that very kind of home.

Some of these candidates have ‘been there and done that’ and found they love it.  Others may have never thought that there might be an opportunity in a small business location for a person with their skill set and experience.

Among the special services we provide is the careful screening of potential applicants. We do that for every client company no matter how large or how small.  We rely on those whom we recommend to represent WFA Staffing well.  They are daily reminders of the special expertise we’ve developed over the years.

There are some areas where people with the background and skills being sought are simply “scarce as hens’ teeth” to fall back on an old cliché. We’ve been at this for many years.  We may have already interviewed that ‘ideal candidate’ without any idea that they might be available to fill your special need.

There are also areas where there are a significant number of seemingly qualified people available.

Seemingly refers to candidates who are very good at posing to be skilled and experience in what you need, only to prove otherwise once they’re on the payroll.    We know that each spot needs the right person, not just a warm body.  When you’re trying to run a business, finding the time to interview ten or more people before you find one that seems decent simply doesn’t help the crunch you’re feeling.

We approach every opportunity as if it is our own hire vs. just another person to refer for interviews.  Our sales staff and recruiters know what you are looking for because we’ve been around for a long time.  Frankly, we’ve learned lessons and have developed almost an extra sense when it comes to sifting through applicants.  We search for those that are of the quality and background  before we refer to our client employers.

We’re not claiming to be perfect. We are claiming to work hard not to waste your time and to listen to your needs.

Fred D’Amato,  President

Fred D'Amato