Great Candidates are Hard to Find

“Great Candidates Are Hard to Find”

It seems that all employers agree, it is harder than ever to find great candidates.  We are all looking for that same person, great experience, good work ethic, acceptable background and a job history second to none.  It seems like those employees used to be easy to find.  I think the headlines of high unemployment have lead us to a false belief.  Those people have never been easy to find and now it is even harder.  If you have a record like that, even in the recession of 2009, most likely the employee found a job.  That is because that type of person looked for and found a job even if it wasn’t exactly what they were looking for.

So, what do we do now?   Even back in 2010, when it should have been easy to find people. An article in CBS Money watch, I can’t find a good employee from Generation Y, goes on to discuss how hard it is to find good people.

Perhaps we are looking for too much. One of my early clients when I was a self-employed CPA frequently told me that she had to hire and fire 10 people before she found one that was good enough for her to keep.  Admittedly she was a person of high expectations, but shouldn’t we all be?  After all, we are paying the person for their work.

This in fact may be a large part of the problem.  Due in part to the recession, many current employees are doing their own job plus at least part of the job of someone that was laid off back in 2009 or 2010.  By 2013, these people are simply worn out.  AOL Workers Stressed  So when someone new is actually hired, even if they underperform, the current employees don’t want to let them go simply because they are desperate for some relief.

Bottom line, this is a great reason to use WFA.  We personally interview all candidates.  The average experience of our agency is over 15 years. Yes, in the people business “Experience Counts” Call us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

-Todd Strehlow, CPA

CFO/Principal at WFA Staffing Group

Todd Strehlow, CPA - WFA Staffing - Milwaukee, WI