Happy 2019!

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Happy New Year!

A new year has rolled around again and it brings both challenges and promises along with it.  If we are looking only for the less-than-good, that will be easy enough to find.  Too much of this!  Too little of that!  No people available!  Can’t find a job to save myself!

If, on the other hand, we believe the old rule that professes we make our own luck; we create our own destinies, then this year is going to be wonderful!

Our attitudes are usually a key factor, in the question about starting out a New Year and it’s resolutions.

Is it a good new year or is it a mediocre new year?  Will I be able to find that perfect spot or will I keep getting doors slammed in my face?  It is often very hard to believe, but our own attitude can make or break our interview, and that can make or break our chances of finding that great new spot with more pay and better conditions…and more opportunities to grow.

This is a two-sided coin.  This applies to people seeking employees and to employees seeking to better themselves.  As we have said over and over again, locating a new position and locating a new employee are both difficult enough situations to handle without adding to the challenge.

WFA specializes at empathizing and assisting with both sides of these challenges.

That is what we do every work day all year long.  If we didn’t enjoy it and if we weren’t any good at it, we’d be able to find a better way to earn our living.  BUT we are who and what we are…and we’re really good at it so why would we want to change our role in this process?

We are not the only firm like us in this area, but we are always among the leaders’ year in and year out.  That helps us find the openings that need good people, and our reputation is that of a very good firm in terms of our service and the quality of people we’re able to find. That obviously is good for us, but it is also good for our employer customers and those who are seeking a better spot.    We have to satisfy both our customers (the employers and the prospective employees) if we have a hope of upholding our integrity and reputation in this industry.  Getting half the job done doesn’t help any of the three of us.

 Let’s get all of our 2019’s started off smoothly.

If you’re looking for the right person, call us today.  If you’re the right person looking for a new employer, call us today.  We’re ready if you are!  And we’ve been ready and making it happen for a long time!

Make this a Happy New Year for all three of us!

Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist