It Was The Best of Times; It Was the Worst of Times…

Charles Dickens wrote this book long, long ago, but it is very interesting to think about the title and how it fits into today’s world for many of us whether or not we are employees or bosses. This is both the best of times as well as the worst of times.

That can seem to change from day-to-day in some instances. If you are seeking a position, we are very pleased to tell you that we have many of those opportunities today and the needs seem to be strong across various industries and types of businesses. Call us or e-mail us and get more information as to possible opportunities for you.

If you are an employer, this can be a time of almost too much opportunity even as you have needs for employees to fill various spots in your business, each of which is critical in its own way for most teams. Call us if there are needs that have just got to be filled if you’re going to continue to offer your services and products as required for your existing orders or customers on a timely basis.

We see our job as to be of help to you no matter where you find yourself today. If you are seeking a new position, we have opportunities that need immediate solutions and you may well be that solution. Neither of us will know that unless or until you make contact with one of our three locations.

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We now have three convenient office locations as you’ll see from the opening page on our website. Pick the one that is most convenient and give us a call. We are staffed to be able to handle calls from people seeking employment and from companies seeking employees at any of our three locations. Choose the one you are accustomed to relying upon or, if you’re new to WFA, simply pick the most convenient location.

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Or go to our CONTACT US section on the website.  You can provide your contact information, tell us what is on your mind, and we’ll be in touch with you quickly. Quickly, as in today or the next business day following your contact.

If this happens to be a worst of times in your business or personal situation, we’ll go to work immediately to make it a best of times quickly!

WFA Staffing has been around for a long time and there is a reason for that. We do what we do quickly and capably. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have been around for so long as we have. It is just that simple.


Tom Krist, CEO

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