Planning your day to make every moment count

The well-known ‘philosopher’, Oprah Winfrey made this observation:  “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

Plan your day Calandar

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We tend to think of time in larger chunks than moments.  In fact, we most often think of time in days or weeks or even months.  I don’t remember the last time I thought: Wow.  That was a great moment!  I know I have done that, but not very often.

How would we do in our day-to-day lives if we were to be more conscious of smaller increments of time?

After all, time is limited for each of us.

Many of us watched the last Packer game of this season, and recognize that it was made up of moments; some of those moments are ones which we wish dearly could be re-done.  Of course that is not possible no matter how much we wish it were.

When we consciously recognize that time is a commodity that is limited and that can never be recovered, no matter how we might wish that were so, we can begin to cherish the moment, and we can begin to wring as much good from that moment as is humanly possible.

I believe this is what Ms. Winfrey was implying since it is almost impossible to break time down into moments.  Maybe, if we focus on our daily calendars and try to step back for self-analysis each hour, we would find that we are managing time better than before.  Maybe if we plan out increments of time for specific tasks, we could be better stewards of our time.  Maybe planning what we are going to do with each hour, or even planning what we need to accomplish in the morning would be an improvement for us.

What would you do with an ‘extra’ hour each day?


Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist