New Jobs will soon be full!


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New Jobs will soon be full.

So did that heading get your attention?  It should.  In the blink of an eye most government subsidies from the pandemic will be gone.

No more rent assistance, no more mortgage deferral and by September no more federal assistance with unemployment payments.

Even more striking, by the end of this June at least 20 states will be stopping the federal government’s supplemental unemployment benefits.  That means that the extra $300 per week will soon be gone for millions of people.

We are all still stressed from COVID and can use a good break.  Sorry to bring up reality, but in only a few months, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites will be looking for the same job that you could get now.

 Yes, those jobs will be filled and gone.

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We’ve been hiring people for jobs for over 30 years here at WFA. Never has the job market been so good. Last night a client we have not heard from for years, called senior management at home and said they will pay whatever it takes, just please help them find people.  Those calls are coming in daily. But that is now.  We can assure you that once millions of people come back into the workforce, we will never get a call like that again.

Openings of all kinds from entry level to upper management are staying open. Many companies are near desperate.  Hourly wages and salaries are going up like never before. Even Walmart is raising its pay again.  In Wisconsin that means good factory, warehouse and management jobs are there for the taking.

At this moment,  the job market is like shopping the day after Thanksgiving, deals are everywhere.

By the end of summer the openings will be like shopping the day before Christmas, no deals anywhere.

Summer goes fast in Wisconsin, get your dream job now.


Todd Strehlow, CFO

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