New WFA Staffing Website

WFA New WebIf you’re reading this, chances are good that you have already interacted with the new WFA Staffing website.  New website designs are always, it seems, great for a while and then they tail off on the excitement scale to ‘same old, same old’.This new website, developed for us by Cultivate Communications, will take longer for most of you seeing it for the first time to get to that ‘same old’ point, and many of you may never get to that point.  Rather than to create a new “billboard” that mimics those alongside highways we decided that if we’re going to build a new site, it was going Web Developer

to be a really new interactive site.


Here are some of those new features for you to use if you wish.

  • Job Board – Candidates can apply for positions right from our new website. They can register and then also apply for one or multiple positions.
  • Resume Builder – Candidates can register for our Career Builder and create a resume and save it. Once saved, the candidate can log in and make changes and updates.  There are also links for additional sites and tools for the creation of more professional resumes which can be printed and brought in for an interview.
  • Client endorsements are possible on the new site, and clients can interact with their selected WFA staff member as well on our new site. But we still have telephones and you choose how you want to make contact!
  • Clients are also able to upload job orders with job descriptions on the new site if preferred to speed the process. Time is always ‘of the essence’.
  • Clients are also able to request assistance, or upload their own job orders with appropriate descriptions directly onto our new site if they prefer that option.

This new site is designed to help you and is not designed to replace our great team members. You still have all our great team members available to you, but you can shortcut that if time is of the essence…as it often is when you need someone to fill an empty seat or empty spot on the production line.  It is now your choice.

When you call, if they’re helping another client or interviewing prospective candidates for you already, they will return your call as quickly as possible and can be looking at the new job order if you’ve decided to post that to speed the process. Time is important to everyone and our new site has been conceived and built to achieve time savings with no shortfalls in our usual great level of service!

Client or candidate…you are the boss.  We think this new site will be quick to learn and use, BUT…you have the option to call or use the new website…and you always will!

If we can help cut a day or two or a week or two off the process, we knew you’d be all for that!  Your access to this new site is your call and not ours.  You do what you want to do; you are still our client and we know what that means to you and to us!

Kristin Tetzke

Kristin Tetzke, Operations Manager