Our Customer/Client Relationship

We value our customer/client relationship…

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There are the oft-discussed ‘Mega’ deals that are touted to revolutionize this, that or the other and we get as excited about those as most everyone does since we all live and work in this area.  And there are the pretty much ‘everyday’ deals that we don’t always hear about which are just as important, and many times are more impactful and substantial for us as individuals than the Mega-deals.

We are a spoke in the wheel of commerce that makes the livings for most of us while we read about the Mega-deals.  We might even be considered part of the drive-wheel in the everyday world.  Our world is not quite as exciting as the Mega-deal world can be some days, but it is at least as significant, if not more so, to everyone that we help.

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We are in the center of the employer and the employee worlds and we like to think that our work helps both ends of that equation.

Today’s world of employment and employees, of production and producers is quite a bit more complex than ever before.  It promises to continue on that path as we all become more sophisticated in our processes and our selling and our making lives better for the people who rely on us as part of the equation between employer and employee.

WFA has been at this for quite a long time (we don’t go so far back as ‘buggy whips’, though).  Our success is due to the success of our client employers and the quality of the people we locate and place with those client employers.  Too often we try to make this sound much more esoteric than it is.

We are one-on-one with the client and the person seeking employment for whatever reason.

Our work can be tedious. It is also , however, tremendously rewarding for us as our clients and candidates often become our friends.  That is what keeps us anchored and what keeps us energized day-in and day-out.

Give us a call no matter where you fit in this employment puzzle!


Fred D’Amato,  President

Fred D'Amato