Strong Relationships Mean Everything

2018 WFA Staffing Group TeamStrong Relationships… We talk about strong relationships regularly.

We believe that strong relationships are the life’s blood of our business.

Relationships are formed over time and we understand that.  We have enduring relationships formed at the very beginning of WFA Staffing.  We have been developing strong relationships with relatively recent client organizations.

Each of our staff members has unique relationship-building skill sets.

That is the great thing about doing business with a set of customers that have been with us for years.  That is a great thing about our staff stability.  We are very fortunate in that our staff is not one that features new additions monthly or even more often.  When we add to our staff, that addition is the result of a process rather than the result of who walked through the door first for interviews.

As staff members begin to think about ‘hanging it up’, we try to work through all that it means for each client who has developed a relationship with that staff member.  This is not something typically announced a week before the departure since both our staff member and all of us are darned close to being “family” even though that is often an overused and under served statement in such situations. If yours is a client firm, you very likely have your “go to” person and call for him or her by name when you call us.

Our staff members take pride in our partnerships. They make every effort to continue to maintain your relationship through thick and thin.

Similarly, we have specialists who seem to have the “Golden Touch” for certain types of candidates.  If you make inquiry about a new person being needed in one of those areas, the staff member who has claim to that world by virtue of accomplishments over time will be on the other end of the telephone.  We work diligently to groom additions to our staff thoroughly and over a period of time, so we get to know each almost as well as we know ourselves…sometime even better than we know ourselves.

Ours is a relationship business.

We know that and we cultivate those relationships.  It hurts us when we’ve not been able to answer a need. This is true whether from a long-time client organization or a brand new client.  We don’t take that lightly.  We know we’re not the only staffing group in town or in the state or the upper Midwest.  But we see our role as an integral part of your success as well as it is of our success.


Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist