Weathering the Storm

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We are weathering the storm. Due to the COVID-19 virus, our country and much of our world finds itself in a situation that has not been seen for many years.  We have been in a period of business expansion coupled with peace in the bulk of our world.  We now seem to be taking a…

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Employment Equation

“The strongest pace of job growth we’ve seen since 1997” was the statement recently attributed to Paul Ashworth, the chief U.S. economist with Capitol Economics.  The U.S. Labor Department advised that employers added 257,000 new jobs in January, 2015 besting the forecast of 228,000.  Job growth estimates in November, 2014 were upwardly revised to 423,000,…

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It’s Tricky

It’s Tricky This may sound like ‘preaching to the choir’ but…the smaller your company and its staff, or the bigger and more critical the job, or a combination of those things, the greater the need for a disciplined and thoughtful process leading to the ultimate decision.  The interviewing process and reference checking, and hiring processes…

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Try Before You Hire

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Try Before You Hire Bloomberg has reported a statistic that helps us to better understand the labor market.  They report that there are now some 2.8 unemployed people for every job that is available in the United States. For politicians seeking votes, this is a large prospective pool from which to attempt to draw those…

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A Bad Time to Search?

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A Bad Time to Search? We are in the holiday season and there is a significant concern on the parts of many as to whether a search for qualified candidates is worthwhile or not during this season.  We believe that this can be one of the very best times for searching out the ideal candidate.…

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Toughest Job? Finding your next job!

What’s the Toughest Job? Finding your next job! If you’ve had a long career working at one or two firms, finding a job 20 years ago was remarkably straight forward.  You heard company XYZ was hiring, went over to XYZ company and completed an application and then you were hired. Job hunting is very different today. …

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