The Ups and the Downs of 2020

The Ups and the Downs of 2020

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Stop me if you have already heard this before… 2020 has been really challenging and frustrating. There have been so many ups and downs in addition to all the unknowns in between. We as a community continue to grow together and build ourselves back up.

Within all this, WFA Staffing is beginning to see crazy growth.

Candidates are applying, starting, and being hired by our clients on full time. These companies have openings that are being filled by our experienced and hardworking team. Our message to the candidates out there that are still looking for work: I personally do not know when our normal will be back.

What I do know is that the WFA Staffing team will work as hard and as safely as possible to find you employment to get you through these tough times.

If possible, we will set you up for a long-term workplace. To companies out there hiring, WFA Staffing would take pride in partnering with you to assist your search to build and/or re-build your team.

We may not know when normal will be back, but we will do everything we can to create as close to normal as possible and get Wisconsin back to work safely.

Stay healthy out there everyone!

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Joe D’Amato
Branch Manager – WFA Staffing West Allis