Time Flies More Rapidly Than We Think…

How is it possible that we are already well into the New Year? At the beginning of the year, many people reflect and think about their resolutions they hope to achieve for the coming year. Many resolutions may include losing weight, reading a book every month, eating healthier, or finding a new job. 2023 is already one-quarter gone.

Now is the perfect time to fulfill that promise you made at the beginning of the year and start looking for a better position, before you get side-tracked by the day-to-day grind again.


It is easy to put things off, especially things concerning just how to exactly go about finding the right place for you. That’s where we come in. Once you’ve stopped in to meet us, we will review your background and experience and find the best fit within our database of openings. We do that all day every day so it isn’t a new experience for us.

We have Southeastern Wisconsin blanketed. We know who is hiring and we know what they’re seeking in that new person. You might spend weeks trying to find that perfect spot, and still not feel as though you’ve made any progress.

We can get you in front of the right people right away, but it might take you months and months of work to make that happen if that even happens.

Shift Drive

Our employer client companies know that we have already done the real legwork when we send you for an interview. We save both you and them a lot of time and missed opportunities. You missed the opportunity of being in the right place at the right time, and they’ve spent untold hours trying to find the perfect person for their open spot.

We work for both the employers who pay us and the people who seek to be employees.

We’re right in the middle of that equation. We don’t get paid until you both are satisfied that we’ve brought both ends together. We are professionals with many years of experience. We already know where we fit so we’re not flying blind hoping we get a deal put together. It is what we do…all day long, every week of every month. And we’ve done it for years.

No matter whether you are seeking an employee or you are a person seeking an employer, we’re your guide give us a call, or stop in to one of our three convenient locations and sit down with one of our team members.


Fred D'Amato President WFA 2020 Icon


Fred D’Amato