Time to get back to work

The end of Increased Unemployment Benefits; Time to get back to work.

COVID has cancelled our plans, disrupted our sense of reality, forced schools to close, sickened our population, and commandeered so much of our time and energy. As we approach mid-summer 2021, we hope the worst is behind us. With the distribution of the vaccines, we can now make new plans, get less interrupted, and get back to school. We are excited to participate in activities, and maintain a healthy and normal life once again.

This includes getting back to work.

Perhaps the extra unemployment benefit of $300/week has allowed you to stay home. This extra benefit may have allowed you to spend extra time with your children and loved ones. Now that benefit is ending; it’s time to get back to work. Wisconsin is slated to end this benefit come Labor Day, however some lawmakers are making a push to end this enhanced benefit sooner.

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Now is the time to get back to work.

First, start your search now and start applying,  as there are thousands of unfilled jobs in variety of markets looking to hire you. Come Labor Day, the market will be saturated with thousands of candidates looking for work again. Second, jump start your application and interviewing process and get a leg up on your competition. You have a better chance to gain employment interviewing  now while companies are desperate for people than if you wait for September when everyone else is looking as well. Finally, get your life back, gain some normalcy.   Start your new career NOW with WFA STAFFING.

We currently have over 250 companies we have partnered with that have over 500 jobs to fill. Get your life back, time to get back to work.


Megan DeGeorge,  Recruiting and Germantown Branch Mgr.

Megan DeGeorge WFA Staff 2013