Try Before You Hire

Try Before You Hire

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Bloomberg has reported a statistic that helps us to better understand the labor market.  They report that there are now some 2.8 unemployed people for every job that is available in the United States.

For politicians seeking votes, this is a large prospective pool from which to attempt to draw those votes.  For members of this pool of unemployed people, this is a large group that each would love to see grow smaller as the result of their personal departure from membership.

For employers seeking the right candidate(s), this is a pool that is both exciting and challenging at the same time.  There are excellent people in that pool, just as there are those in the pool who aren’t as desirable as others.  That brings to bear the services we offer day-in and day-out.

WFA Staffing works diligently to help you select that best available candidate for your open position.  Our years of experience, and our thousands upon thousands of interviews over time, help us to find the best available candidates time after time.  Do we have a 100% success record?  No; unfortunately we all make hiring mistakes.  What we do have is the ability to react quickly if and when a candidate does not measure up to expectations, and to help you remove the problem and find the replacement quickly.

Our temp-to-hire program is especially well-suited as the tool to help the employer “try out” the candidate before making a final decision.  If the person isn’t getting the job done, or isn’t getting along with other employees, we can make the change occur very quickly with minimal disruption to our client employer.

In this new age of the Affordable Care Act, it is even more important than before that you, the employer, have the flexibility this program provides.  You can determine good employees secure in the knowledge that you have only to make a phone call when one of the people on a temp-to-hire probationary period proves not to be a person you wish to retain.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we’ll get the ball rolling immediately so you can remain focused on running your company and making a profit.


Tom Krist – President

Tom Krist