Wants vs Needs


Two of the most powerful drivers in today’s world are what we might simply call ‘wants and needs’.  When we ‘want’ something, we are thrust into the race to obtain that something whatever it might be.  When we ‘need’ something, we are thrust into a similar race to obtain it.  Each of us would probably define wants differently than others; and, each of us would define needs differently from others.

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Image Arek Socha/Pixabay

WFA Staffing lives in that world of wants and needs, just as any other business or any other person.  We want to be successful but in order to be successful we must satisfy the needs of our customers.  One customer segment is our employer-customers that have needs for people with certain sets of experience and/or training.  WFA must find those people for the customers on an ‘as needed’ and ‘on-time’ basis with the basic attributes and the necessary experience that were ordered by the customer.

The other customer segment is that of people seeking a position who rely upon us to provide them with that position.  In those cases, we are the link in the chain that brings the needs and wants together in an efficient and effective manner to satisfy both of our customers.  We are the middle link joining the wants and needs of our customers.

We work to provide a turn-key experience for each of our customers.  When the telephone rings or the e-mail arrives, we have to be ready to move quickly in the case of both short-term and long-term temporary employees.  We have to move just as quickly to locate those people who might qualify for a permanent position that an employer needs to fill regardless of the qualifications required.

WFA Staffing conducts ‘job fairs’ occasionally to locate people with certain skill sets and certain experience.  WFA Staffing also conducts searches for people with very specific educations and backgrounds.  WFA covers the gamut.

We all have wants and needs, and WFA wants to be part of the solution no matter what you want or need in the way of employment, career enhancement, or team members.



Alan Campbell, Account Manager