That is as valid a question as what good are checkers without a board? If you are in either situation, we can help solve your needs.

WFA Staffing works both sides of this puzzle.


Alexandru Nika

We love being in the middle because we are able to do good things for both the employees and the employers no matter who came to us first. That is what we do!

We’ve gotten to be quite good at solving both ends of that question. We should be since we’ve been around since 1991. We wouldn’t have been around so long if we weren’t getting the job done. No bragging…. Just facts. You might think of WFA Staffing as a matchmaker. We are approached by those seeking a place to work, as well as those seeking people to work in their organizations. We have tens of thousands of success stories and still going strong and growing stronger each day.


We started with a single office in Milwaukee and have grown by adding an office in West Allis and Germantown.

We serve the Southeast Wisconsin marketplace and have been known to jump outside that bubble from time to time when needs present themselves to us.

If you live in Southeast Wisconsin or are looking to relocate to the area and need employment, give us a call and we can get started on your behalf.

No matter what your situation is, we’re a good place to start as you seek a solution!


Experience Counts

Tom Krist, CEO