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Exciting Management Changes at WFA Staffing

wfa partners“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity…”  There truly is a time for everything and that includes the passing of the title of President from one person to another.  The time for that to happen is when it does not need to be done, when there is not some pressing situation or condition that mandates such action.  We determined that the time for this in our organization was now!

While we have achieved remarkable growth in the past ten years we felt it was time to strengthen our senior management team by adding a new President.  Our ideal candidate would have over 10 years of experience in the staffing business with proven results.  They must also be forward-thinking and a great manager of people who can keep our great culture while continuing our growth and excellent performance.  We could have looked outside for this person but fortunately, he sat in the next office.

I have been President of WFA Staffing and Fred D’Amato has served as Vice President for many years.  We have both been very active with our clients as well as in the community in general, and are both tied to WFA Staffing in the minds of all of our customers and many of our prospective customers.  Along with our CFO Todd Strehlow, we have participated in building WFA Staffing and in guiding it to where it is currently positioned.  We have a great staff and we all get along well with our team.

Fred D’Amato has officially been elected President of WFA Staffing and I have been elected to serve as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO if you prefer. Todd Strehlow will continue to guide our financial growth as our Chief Financial Officer.   I plan to continue my work here at WFA for a long time to come.

For our employees, nothing much will change since we’ll both continue doing what we’ve been doing with whatever modifications seem appropriate going into the future.  There may well be new opportunities for our staff members as we determine what WFA will look like going into the future.  There may be candidates for increasing responsibility in our midst just waiting for the opportunity to show their capabilities.  After all, Fred will be looking for HIS own ’Fred’ .

For our clients, nothing much will change either.  We each will handle the clients we’ve handled and Fred will become intimately familiar with the clients I have largely served in the past.  Our intent is to make this transition as seamless as possible.  I truly enjoy what I do as I have met many wonderful people through the years.  I look forward to enjoying my client relationships and growing our business here at WFA with Fred, Todd and the rest of our awesome staff for many years to come.

Tom Krist, CEO

Tom Krist

Future 50

mmac-v2The latest edition of the Milwaukee BizTimes (Sep. 7 – 20, 2015) features this years’ Future 50, the fifty select growing companies in SE Wisconsin according to the rankings of BizTimes.  They’ve been at this for quite a while, and we admittedly are partial since we were selected for this prestigious group three years in a row culminating in our designation as a Master Mettle organization, so we naturally think they are on-the-mark with their selections.

The Master Mettle group members are lauded for sustaining their growth patterns in both good and not-so-good economic times.  The members of that group this year are Cornerstone Plumbing LLC of Waukesha, EmbedTek LLC of Hartland, KS Energy Services, LLC of New Berlin, SmartChoice MRI of Mequon, Transcendent LLC of Hartland and W.I.S. Logistics of New Berlin.

Afuture-50-v2ll these Future 50 companies represent a true cross-section of businesses in this area.  Of the fifty, 2 are in the finance/real estate/insurance arena, 3 are in the wholesale trades, 15 are in manufacturing, 8 are technology companies, 7 are constructions organizations, and 15 provide ‘other services’.

WFA Staffing is very proud to work with some of these Future 50 organizations in support of their growth through searches to provide additional team members as they expand.

COSBE, which operates under the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC), stands for the Council of Small Business Executives, and Mary Steinbrecher, COSBE’s Executive Director, stated that capturing a Future 50 designation 3 times is a “significant accomplishment”.

WFA Staffing extends its congratulations to all the Future 50 companies and especially to those six Master Mettle award winners for this year.

All would likely say that they have gotten to this level based upon having an excellent group of employees with the knowledge to help drive their business forward.  WFA Staffing is in the business of helping to identify just those kinds of employees regardless of what skill set they may need.  Give us a call and give us a challenge.  We don’t get paid unless we perform.

Tom Krist, President

Tom Krist

Race Together or NO?

Starbucks_Annual_Meeting.JPEG-05ce9_c0-298-4548-2948_s326x190Should an employer encourage or discourage political/social viewpoint discussions between employees and customers?

Likely for the majority of us employers, the answer to this question would be a resounding no to such a thought about political or social position discussions between employees and customers especially if those were prompted by the employee.

There is a major employer with a very well-known name that is actually encouraging such activity…Starbucks.  Starbucks’ baristas are being encouraged to write some social/political comment on each cup as it is being prepared for the customer.  This is apparently in the interest, from Starbuck’s viewpoint, of provoking discussion and/or thought on the part of its customers.

This is probably going to prove to be a short-lived and seldom adopted ‘trend’ no matter what the outcome is for Starbucks.  Not many of us employers would encourage any action by an employee that would have the potential for disrupting a client relationship.  As a matter of fact, we would far more often be seeking to quell anything of this nature if we learned it was happening.

There is also the significant potential for employees to have differing opinions especially on the subject of politics.  Most employers do not engage in a ‘litmus test’ of political views as part of the hiring process for good reason.  That is not something that is usually felt to be within the purview of an employer except possibly for an employer that is somehow involved in a campaign for a political candidate.

Starbucks has admittedly been a leader in the business it has chosen to be in, and it has a certain culture about it that might handle such comments well.  Most of the employers we know are very much tuned in to not becoming involved in things that do not relate to product or service delivery.  That can help to keep the workplace a more comfortable and argument-free place with one mission: creating profit for the employer through delivery of great service and great product.

We’ll not soon be mimicking Starbucks…except in the arena of solid customer service.  But we will stay tuned into the results of this Starbucks campaign.


Alan Campbell, Account Manager

WFA honored with Fastest Growing Firm Award from The Milwaukee Business Journal


On behalf of WFA, all our employees, and partners, we would like to thank the Milwaukee Business Journal and sponsors for being recognized as one of Milwaukee’s Fastest Growing firms. Among more than 70 nominations WFA was part of the top 30 awarded. On Friday August 14th 2013 WFA, along with 29 other outstanding Milwaukee area companies, Tom Krist, WFA Staffing Group President, was awarded the trophy at the luncheon at the classic Pfister Hotel downtown. You can find more out about the companies that were awarded at this link: Business Journal Names Fastest Growing

Biz Journal Awards Fastest Growing - 08-19-13



WFA was recognized as one the fastest growing firms in Milwaukee by growing 57% over the last 2 years. WFA was proud to be in the company of such fantastic Milwaukee area business and fellow nominees, including ten with a growth rate over 100%!


Biz Journal Fastest Growing Trophy - small size

WFA plans on continued growth by sticking with the current formula of hiring industry veterans or possibly an acquisition of another company. While we continue to increase and keep up with all of the new technology and social media, we will not depart with the “face time” needed to foster and develop business relationships. WFA also foresees business opportunities to help our clients as they work through challenges with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. WFA would like to congratulate all firms awarded and is looking forward to forming new partnerships with all the admirable businesses that attended.


Biz Journal Fastest Growing - Group Stage - 08-19-13