Problems Create Opportunities

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Problems Create Opportunities How many times have you wondered why your company seems to need more problem-solving than other companies with which you are familiar? Those other companies’ leaders may be having the same questions running through their minds too. BUT… what if your conflicts disappeared? What would you do to improve if you were…

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Listening to Every Word

Listening to Every Word Listening is important.  We all know that.  But, many of us don’t demonstrate that we know listening is important.  We are busy preparing a response rather than listening to every word spoken and to watching how the speaker is acting while he or she is talking.  We may miss the opportunity…

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Learning from our mistakes

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Learning From Our Mistakes “I learned that good judgment comes from experience and that experience grows out of mistakes.” Omar Bradley, General, U.S. Army This quotation caught my attention. I began to think about it and about how I had made more than a few mistakes along the pathway to where I am today. That…

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Optimistic Horizon

Optimistic Horizon Those of you in the metropolitan Milwaukee area will probably recognize the name BizTimes Milwaukee.  This publication has been in this marketplace for many years.  Among the stories it does is one that uses the results of its Economic Dashboard Survey conducted each year.  The survey for 2014 was just published in the…

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Attitude is Everything

There is a somewhat worn-out phrase but I find it to be among the most important thoughts I can imagine.  That phrase is simply: Attitude Is Everything Yes, attitude is everything.  This truth is proven again and again, and yet there are many for whom this is never given a thought.  If you stop to…

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