Time to get back to work

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The end of Increased Unemployment Benefits; Time to get back to work. COVID has cancelled our plans, disrupted our sense of reality, forced schools to close, sickened our population, and commandeered so much of our time and energy. As we approach mid-summer 2021, we hope the worst is behind us. With the distribution of the…

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A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E There is something that we seldom miss.  Whenever we walk into a workplace, retail or service or whatever, we are immediately aware of attitude.  Similarly, when we make a call and the telephone is answered, we are immediately aware of attitude.  Whenever we answer our telephone, we are immediately aware of attitude. We have choices…

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Jobs at 15 year high….

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that jobs are now at a 15 year high!  This Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article from September 10, 2015 includes a quote from Tom Krist, President of WFA Staffing-  Follow this link for the article.   ow.ly/S3nc4

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